Individual and team player development by means of continuous improvement.Promote, encourage, and demonstrate, on and off the field sportsmanship make each childs soccer experience a positive one.Spirit of Liverpool is fully committed to providing a quali

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 Bernie Grimes
 Club President
 Girls Director
 1998 Girls Elite, 2004 Girls Elite & 2006 Girls Elite 
 Born - Liverpool, UK
 Qualifications: NSCAA Advanced National Diploma – NSCAA National Diploma - USSF National D License 

 Paul Rearden
 Boys Director
 2002 Boys Elite - 2007 Boys Elite
 Born - Liverpool, UK
 Qualifications : NSCAA National Diploma - F.A Prelim

 Andrew Binnie
 Head Coach 2003 Boys Pre-Elite
 Born - Hartford CT
 Qualifications: NSCAA Advanced National Diploma – NSCAA National Diploma
 USSF National D License  

 Andrew Donnelly
 Head Coach 2003 Boys Elite and 2006 Boys Elite
 Born - Oxford MA
 Qualifications: USSF National D and state LICENSES

 Steve Taylor
 Head Coach 2004 Boys Elite and 2005 Boys Elite 
 Born - London, UK

 Qualifications: USSF National D License
Jody Anderson
Head Coach 2000 Girls Elite - Boys Academy Coach
Born - USA
Qualifications: USSF E License

  Marc Franzosa
  Head Coach 2001 Girls Elite and 1006 Girls Pre-Elite
  Born - USA
  Qualifications - USSF D License - NSCAA State Goalkeepers License

  Matt Ganias
  Head Coach 2007 Girls Elite - Academy Director
  Born - USA
  Qualifications - USSF E License and NSCAA Level VI Regional License.

  Neil Scioletti
  Head Coach 3003 Girls Elite and 2008 Girls Elite

  Born - USA
  Qualifications - USSF E License, NSCAA level VI, NSCAA State Goalkeeping License

  Sarah Grimes

  Academy Coach
  Born - MA, USA
 Qualifications- USSF E License - NSCAA National Diploma

  Evan Holmes
  Head Coach 98 Boys Elite
  Born - USA
  Qualifications - NSCAA Premier Diploma, NSCAANational Diploma
  USSF B License

Andy Szabo 

Head Coach 2007 Boy's Pre-Elite 

Born: New York, USA

Qualifications: USSF National D License